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    Help tuning amp and fixing subs?

    I have one 10 inch pioneer championship series pro sub in a ported box and the bass is loud but it doesn't kick at all, i guess you call that distorted? My amp is a Pioneer mono 800 watt max, and im pretty sure it is set to 400w x 2 but i don't know how to find that out or if it is automatic with your sub and radio. My head unit is a Pioneer also so how should i set the amp and radio to where the sub only kicks to the low bass and doesn't rumble to the high bass. my amp has a ; LPF switch (On/off), LPF knob (40hz-240hz), gain(6.5-.2, bass boost (0, +6, +12), My head unit has bass (0 - +6), Sub w.1 (-24- +6), sub w.2 (50hz-125hz), equalizer (5 band), hpf (off, 50-125), and loud.

    How should I set these to get a nice kick (i am tired of the loud distorted high pitched bass i have it set to) it doesn't have to be that loud just to where i can hear a nice low kick, rather than a high rumble.

    so basically my questions are
    1. how to tune this entire system? (please and thank you)
    2. does a loud rumble where all the bass is the same, mean distorted?
    3. the box is ported and i'm pretty sure that it is a big problem (even if the amp and everything is low, it still makes an annoying rumble). anything i can do to fix that or will tuning help?
    4. Can i add something to the box, or do anything to seal it?
    5. Lastly how do i know whether my amp is set at 800w x 1, or 400w x 2 or any of that?

    please help i hate this annoying rumbling and i want a kick to the system?

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    Re: Help tuning amp and fixing subs?

    if they box is a prefab ported or not built correctly it will sound like crap(and can break your subs), thats most likely your issue

    powt up some pics of the box and specs for it if you have them?

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