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    Help me decide on amp setup for a camaro...

    I have a 98 camaro, and just about everyone says to go with front speakers only and a sub. So I'm getting Infinity Reference 605 components up front and a JL 10" stealth box. I was planning on getting the MTX 4202 for the front components and the MTX 6500D for the sub. BUT, another friend keeps telling me I might want to add rear speakers later, so I am also considering the JL 500/5 amp. This would give me more power to the components up front which would be good, but I may not want to add rear speakers and then the rear channel gets wasted (And costs me another $110). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    If it makes any difference I listen to pop punk/emo punk music and thus dont need a lot of bass. I was thinking that a set of midbass speakers (rear speakers) would be a nice match to my music since there is not a lot of deep bass in my music anyways...

    Help me out please

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    If you often have backseat passengers then its your choice whether you want rear speakers to keep them happy too..If you want good stage performance type sound then you wont want them.. The happy medium to that is to use the existing rears powered by the Head unit then you wont really hear them but the people in the back seat can. Save your money and skip the bigger 5 channel amp..


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