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Reload Thread: What's the difference between gain and bass boost on an amp?

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    What's the difference between gain and bass boost on an amp?

    What's the difference between gain and bass boost on an amp?

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    gain = loudness
    bass boost = added dbs of low frequencies
    if you're lacking boom with the gain 3/4 up, try playing with the bass boost
    will not sound the greatest, and your amp will run hot, but play around with it!

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    not quite...
    The gain is to mach the output voltage of your deck to your amp to make it as efficient as possible..Not to be used as a amp will only put out so much power if you have the gain set too high it will max out b4 the HU does and begin to distort and or clip long before it gets a distorted signal from it..
    It helps to have a friend with good ears in the car for this.
    Turn the amp gain(s) all the way turn your deck up 2/3 to 3/4 volume and leave it there (as long as the signal is clean not distorted).. now go back to the amp andslowly turn up the gains till your year distortion then then turn the gain back down 1/4 to1/2 turn.. This will make it so your amp will max out approximately at the same time as the deck and get a clean signal doing it..whereever you set the deck is the most you will ever want to turn it up to.

    Bass Boost : boosts a very narrow frquency range usually right around 45hz yes it will make the amp work harder so if you are going to use this function turn it on b4 setting the gains.. If you like the loud resonating bass and your amp was doing it b4 dont bother with it..If your bass was lacking a bit then it may be an option to help out.


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