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Reload Thread: Crunch Ground Pounder2000.1 Power Light on but no power to subs & "V" Light.

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    Crunch Ground Pounder2000.1 Power Light on but no power to subs & "V" Light.

    ok today i just adjusted the position of my amp and it has been running good and i never banged it anywhere during the process, i treated it with care. It was working before I did anything, I had to disconnect some wires to do it. I connected everything back to the way it was.

    here is what is going on:
    1. Green Power Light Is On.
    2. Sub woofer is not producing sound.
    3. Scrolling "V" on amp is not on like it used to be.
    (if you look up Crunch Ground Pounder 2000.1 picture, you will know what "V" im talking about. It lights up in a blue color)

    and now the funny thing is if there was some problem with the sub wiring shouldnt the "V" light come on anyways? so im thinking there is something wrong with my amp. I checked all fuses and none has blown. I think my amp is trashed but i don't want to lose all hope thanks. Im not that experienced in regards to technicality's with amps.

    ps. this amp has been running awesome and was surprised because i am not familiar with the brand but it was good to me until now.

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    Re: Crunch Ground Pounder2000.1 Power Light on but no power to subs & "V" Light.

    It could be as simple as the remote circuit not providing enough voltage or possibly being current limited under load.

    Try the following and if this does not work, call tech support at 877-629-9227 for a complete run through.
    This is assuming you have a proper power and ground source.

    1. Disconnect the remote wire from the amp (very important).
    2. Place a jumper wire from the remote terminal on the amp to the + battery input terminal on the amp.
    3. If the "V" illuminates, turn on the head unit and if the amp now works (the sub is playing), the problem is that the remote wire from the head unit is not supplying enough voltage to turn the amp on completely. This would be a bad connection or possibly a bad head unit.
    4. If the "V" does not illuminate, call the tech support number above for further assistance.

    Hope this helps.

    Car Audio Fan

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