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    Icon32 what type of amp should i buy for....

    I have a pair of Jensen dual bandpass 10" KS2400BP subs.
    they say they are 125RMS. I put them up to my friends Legacy 600W amp and his .1 cap because i wanted to see how they would sound. I wish they would have hit harder. It seemed to muffle when i turned the volume up but it had nice lows but u couldnt hear it when u were more than 5 feet awaay from the car. Is this because its over powered?

    And also, what kind of amp SHOULD i buy for this? Anything that will work perfect for this?

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    my opinion

    first of all..i think crutchfield *****...their shyt is soo over priced, second of all, the jensen subs are not my personal favorite subs, the reason y ur subs muffled was because, the legacy amps ****, a 200 watt monoblock amp from jl or any other respectable name brand with ur subs would out pound that legacy amp. People around here describe legacy, pyramid amps ect. as paper weights..thats about all they r good for. wut i would do, if ur gonna order off line, go to some of the links on this cite, my personal favorite is sound domain and carstereotime. you can find much better quality subs then jensen for good money. As for the amp, i would go with a class D amp, its a momoblock amp and only powers subs. they cool good and have good quality, if ur strapped for cash you could get a mtx 500 D anp or a jl 250/ 1 amp and u can get them at a cheap price online. As for ur friend, y the hell does he have a 1. cap to his legacy amp, he doesnt need one unless his altenator *****. good luck hope u find this info usefull

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    Run Some RF

    For one i Agree with the other guy u should get some Diff. Subs and Cruthfield does ****......Get Some RF Subs and Get a RF 150bD that is mono Bridged and then go from there or my Personal Fav. is Kenwood some kenwood subs like some dB + That will run u bout 220 a Sub..yes i relize that is money oh yea and my Opoinon on LEGACy DON"t SCREw with that crap

    Kenwood Kid


    Kenwood Kid

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