Just ordered:
CTX65CS - Image Dynamics 6.5" Component Speaker System
CTX69 - Image Dynamics 6 x 9" 2 Way Speaker w/ Silk Tweeters
I have two Hifonics Zeus zxi4006 200x2
but honestly am not sure if the amps will make speakers sound like garbage.
I also have two 4ohm 12inch Alpine Type R Subs in a sealed box which I need to buy an amp for because my car was broken into.

So my questions are:
Will the Hifonics amps be sufficient for the ID speakers?
If not what 4 channel amp would you guys suggest for under $250?
What 1 ohm stable amps should I look into for the 2 12inch type Rs under $250?

I would like to have all the sufficiently powered for under $500 the cheaper the better thanks in advance for your advice.