Just got a clarion 12" sub (600 watts not sure rms)
clarion 6-9's 350 watts again not sure rms.
clarion splits 250 watts not sure rms.
will look at getting clarion speakers for doors.

and am looking for some speakers to replace the rear door speakers.
sub is going in the boot, 6-9's on the parcil shelf and splits in the front.
I was told that i could run the sub and the splits off of a xr2410 clarion amp and leave the 6-9's to run off the head deck, now i would like to get a mono for the sub or a 4 chanel and run the 6-9's of it, and the splits and rears off of another 4 chanel.
anyone can recomend any solutions??? would like to keep brand loyalty and get clarion but im not that fussed, am looking to know what size of AMP/AMPS i need