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    JL Audio a2150

    Hey guys,

    Ive got a problem (or so I think) with my setup. Ive got a JL 300/4v2 powering JL rears and component front speakers, and a JL a2150 powering a JL 10W3. I had my inital install done at a place that did a sub par job. The sub would sound terrific with deep resonating bass, and then intermittently shut off. I took it to another install place and they re-configured everything. Now the entire system sounds great but Im not getting as much bass as I used to (although the sub seems to be working). Even when I turn on the bass boost switch, it still isnt putting out what it used to-i.e deep bass. I was told at the shop that the reason I got so much bass out of the sub and amp was that the amp was being overdriven. Is this true? I was also told that the JL a2150 amp was one of thier most low end weak sub amps at the time and to get that deep rich bass I would have to upgrade to a bigger amp ($400).

    The question I have is: the issue about overdriving the amp- is that a lie from those guys trying to get me to buy another amp? If it is is there a way to coax more bass from the system as it now stands.

    Or do I just break down and get another amp?


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    Re: JL Audio a2150

    Is your amp wired mono or stereo for the sub? It could be the first shop had it setup running 2 ohm mono bridged and that would have caused your amp to shutdown ever so often. The second shop may have wired it stereo to both voice coils.

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