Hi, I have two Audioque AQ1200d's and 2 10" Audioque AQHdC3 DUAL 1 Ohm and I would like to get
recommendations if I should strap the amps or I should use one amp on each sub.

Either way in both options, The final impedance ohm load going to be lower than
what the amps can handle. If I strap them, the final ohm load will be 1 ohm when the amp
can handle minimum of 2 ohms strapped. On the other hand, if I use them individually
the final ohm load will be 0.5 ohm when the amp can handle a minimum of 1 ohm.

Of course I can use them in series at 2 ohm individually, but I wont be getting any power
so I'm down to those 2 options...

I know it would be okay to run it at lower impedance because I have upgraded electrical
system with HO alternator and 2 batteries, but which option out of those two would be safer to run for the amp and subs? Which option of those 2 would also be more efficient and draw less current?

I'm just confused on which options to take and want to do it right. I would have been better off with
DUAL 2 ohm subs, but I can't do nothing about it because I have D1.
Thanks in advance. I appreciate it...