I need advice on how to set up this system. I have a pair of kappa comps, handling 85 watts rms, and a pair of kappa 5 1/4's
handling 55 watts rms. I have an xtant 50 x 4 amp. Also, an 8" dual rockford fosgate enclosure rated at 400 watts rms. I dont really care about too much bass, just enough to sound clean.

I was wondering if i should run the 50 x 4 to the comps and
5 1/4's and get a separate amp for the sub OR if i should power the 5/14's with two channels and bridge the other 2 channels to power the sub. then get a 75 x 2 amp to power the comps.

i just really want to power the comps with 75 watts rather than 50 since it can handle 85.

any advice????