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    Amp not working

    I have an American Bass CX1200D running at 1 ohm. Today I went in my car and started it up, then before my woofers came on, they popped loudly and they did not make any noise after that.

    I look at my amp, and the red light is on, saying Diagnostic.

    The ground seems to be fine, all my connections look and feel tight.

    I have checked the fuses and they are fine as well.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be?

    Every time I turn it on, it makes the woofers pop, then nothing.

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    Re: Amp not working

    I don't know about CX1200d, but it sounds internal to me. If its under warranty send it back, if not have a shop open it up and take a look.

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    Re: Amp not working

    yup, seems to be an internal pblm w/the amp.. disconnect everything on the amp and try again.. if not - take it to be sent off for repair or hopefully you still have a warranty

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