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Reload Thread: how are hifonics amps?

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    how are hifonics amps?

    just wondering

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    I had two of them. I blew them both in no time. But then again this was 7 years ago and I didn't know jack about taking care of an amp (I had the gains all the way up). But even at that, they couldn't handle my abuse for long at all. I have heard they are decent otherwise. They just seem a little overpriced for what you get nowadays.

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    I just got a new one. It sounds very clean, but I am new to the scene so I really haven't compared it to much. In a few days, I will show the setup to my audiofilic buddies and they'll let me know, and I'll get back to you. ok? ok.


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    hey dood, i ahve the Hifonics Zeus z400 Amp pushing two 2000 model RF punch XLC subs, they sound lke 10's. good clean sounds, nice power, they move but good.
    i liek them they used to be one of teh best names in car audio, and now stuill make a very good budget/entry level amp...
    hope that helps
    their new son of boltar amp is supposed to wicked.

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