I've tried searching and I don't see any info or reviews on this amp from this site, I was curious if anybody has had any experiences with this amp. I've been givin a pretty good deal on one and I wan't to know if it's worth it to power my whole sound system. Or is it even suitable for my needs? I'm looking for SQ as well, is cadence known for making quality amps? I have NO experience with any type of sound system before so this is my first set up


4 ohm RMS Power: 4 x 100 Watts + 1 X 300 RMS
2 ohm RMS Power: 4 x 400 Watts + 1 X 500 RMS
4 Ohm Mono RMS Power: 2 x 200 Watts
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 30KHz
S/N Ratio: >100 db
Damping Factor: >200 @ 100Hz
Minimum THD: <0.05%
Fully Adustable Crossover
Bass Boost Equalization
High Level OEM Input
Lucite Encapulated Terminals

I already have all these in hand:

HU: clarion dxz785usb (active able, time alignment)

comps: PG RSD65cs
RMS Power Range : 5-60 Watts
Peak Power Handling: 120 Watts
Frequency response: 45-20000 Hz

sub: DIYMA R12
* Acceptable amplifer power range: 200 to 1000 watts
* Recommended for typical SQ use: 1cft + 300 watt amplifier power
* Single 4 ohm voice coil
* QTS: .354
* FS: 25hz
* VAS: 41.7 L
* RE: 3.6 Ohm
* BL: 22
* SPL: 84.3 dbwm
* Le: 1.3mh

would i be happy running all this off the 5 ch cadence?