OK here is the scoop..been running 2 12 Type E alpines on a kenwood kac9103d and everything was cool. Everything sounded great and the alpined really sounded great for E's. Anyways today my RE SE D4 12's came in so i made the swap. These things are sick..They really hammer..only problem is now i have the amp wired at 1 ohm and its really pushing its full potential. Lights on the car are all but going off and my amp guage in the dash is going almost all the way down to 8 amps when it really hits. Oh yeah if it gets a really mean bass line it will blow both fuses in the amp.. So the question is.. is the amp starved for power?? is that why my fuses keep blowing? Also how do i stop it?? All wiring is 4 Ga pheonix gold..Would a capacitor help?? better battery?? bigger wire??? any input is appreciated..