Hi All, and congrads on a great forum!!

I have been doing some reading as I am not full speed on car audio.

I have a Kenwood KDC-MP2035 installed on my boat and I would like to add some amplifiers. The boat came with Kenwood Marine speakers (sh*tty) so I changed them over the summer to JBL.

I currently have 4 P652 JBL speakers and a JBL P1020D sub installed. The boat came with a Kenwood KAC-210MR sub and amp. I booted the sub, but am still using the amp.

I would like to install one 4 channel amp for the 4 P652 speakers and another amp for the P1020D.

Any suggestions and reasons for the choices would be greatly appreciated. I am a big fan of crisp and clear music and would prefer to spend a little extra on an amplifier that would produce the best sound for my present equipment.

Thanks in advance for any advice.