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    Icon32 JL subs and a Kicker Amp Question......

    I currently have 2 JL 10's (10W0) in a sealed box. Im pumping the JL with a kicker zr120, bridged. Im thinking of running the new kicker KX300.2 and bridiging to 1 channel at 300 watts. So if the amp is bridged and the speaker handleing is 125 watts a piece for the JL's (250 watts total) am i over powering the JL's. thanks in advance for your help.

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    youll be fine running your 10'' jls
    with the kx-300.2 if you can
    spend a little more get the kx400.2
    more power --each sub will be getting
    200 watts each compaired to 150 watts
    from the kx-300.2 alittle extra power wont
    blow your subs.

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    I also have (2) jl 10w0's in a sealed box (.75cuft each). I have a jbl bp600.1 amp on them putting out 600 watts rms to both combined (300rms each) and have had no problems so far (little over a month). As long as you don't "abuse" the power you will definately be o.k.

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    As long as you adjust the gain properly, and know your subs limits, you won't blow them. You will be able to tell when your subs are at their limit, in terms of sound.

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    cool thanks guys

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