alright i have no clue what amp to buy right now. i went ahead and bought a pre-fab box from MTX. it's much easier, perfect fit for the truck. but i have no clue what to buy for the amp. I will be taking out the MTX 6000 subs, and putting eDk 10's in. i was thinking about getting the jbl 600.1, but im not sure about a few things. the box/sub specs are--
Power Handling: 500 Watts RMS*
Sensitivity: 87.4dB*
Enclosure Volume: 1.7 cubic feet
Impedance: 4 Ohm*

what i dont get is the impedance. with the 4 ohms, does that mean the amp would only run at 300 watts? or is there a setting on the amp to determine which ohmage(no clue if this is a word) is run at? i will be using the mtx subs for about a month untll i get enough for the eDk's, so i would like to have some decent sound coming from that. sorry if this is a dumb question, i am completely dumb founded. thanks for the help.