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Reload Thread: JL Audio Dilema

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    JL Audio Dilema

    Ok I'm going to be using 2 JL Audio 12w3-D4 subwoofers that run at 250w maxes as well as RMS maxes. My idea for my amp was wiring a JL Audio 500/1 amp to run the two subs. Now I know it can be done, but will I be able to still get enough power to bump. If you're responding let me know on a scale of 1(no power) - 10 (top performance). If it'll **** could you do me a favor and look on and see if you can find me a mono or 2 channel amp strong enough to power them well for around $430. I NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE HOOK ME UP

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    Perfect set-up just like you have it. Wire the subs voice coils in paralel so that each sub is 2 ohms, at that point you can wire the subs together in either paralel (1ohm mono) or series (4 ohm mono)- either way, you should have impressive output with the proper enclosure.

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    Go With It

    2 12w3's are great on a 500/1, 250 rms, but jl lies in a good way, i have put 1 500/1's on 1 12W3 and it was f'n gorgeous!
    Oh ang go with 4 ohms, the jl amps won't give you more power at 1 ohm because of the R.I.P.S. technology , so just make it easier on the amp run it at 4ohms, mine is at 4 and it friggen rocks!
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