alright so i got my kac 8452 amp hooked up to the RSDs properly but now the amp which did turn before when they were hooked up wil not turn on now. usually the amp would turn on cuz the speakers were hooked up differently and it would when i hooked everything back up but now it wont. The amps power LED light turns on for one second then shuts off. this is what ive done so far.
1 wired speakers up every way possible
2 DIRECTLY connected ground cable from amp to the battery
3 changed fuses
4 tried using coaxial speakers directly hooked up to the amp
5 Ive cleaned the area where the ground cable from the amp leads 2 with a dremel and wire brush
The amp has already blown 4 fuses. I think it did this because i switched the woofer to the incorrect polarity and now it doesnt blow the fuses. The ground cable is hooked bolted down at the same position the rear seat is bolted down in my jeep. sometimes when the amp would turn on sparks would start flying at another bolt on the opposite side of where i have my ground cable bolted down. Kinda hard to explain when I cant talk in person and show you my problem.