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Reload Thread: what to power 2 xtant x 12's

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    what to power 2 xtant x 12's

    can any body recommend an amp to push 2 xtant 12's, bought em brand new for 99 bucks each, and my little mtx 75x2 aint doin a damm thing for em. their hungry little buggers. i was thinking the mtx thunder 81000d, found it for 379.00, just wondering if anything else would work good. oh yeah their 2 ohms.

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    Those Xtant's are gonna slam! I've got a pair w/ a Kenwood excelon 401M pushin' em. Not many subs I've heard can hold up to em. The mtx amp your talkin bout puts out a whole lotta wattage... over 500 per channel. Plus the fact that those X series are 2 ohm subs... the amp is gonna see a really low ohm load. Its probably gonna be puttin out like over 550 to 600 watts per channel. The rms on the X series is 500 so be careful when adjusting the gain on the amp if you decide to use it. Also, make sure to use the subs in a 1 cubic foot box... any bigger will put too much excursion on the subs and lower the wattage handling.... especially if your gonna be using that amp. Good luck though... you're gonna love those subs!

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    Yes I agree you are going to love those subs. I had one 10" about a year ago and they it was very nice. However let me warn you now they are mega power hungry. My 250.2 Fosgate wasnt even enough.

    HU: Kenwood CD w/ Kenwood Chg
    FRONTS: Kenwood DB+ Excelon 2-way 6.5"
    REAR: Kenwood 3-way
    MID/HI AMP: 400x4 Fosgate Punch
    SUB: 12' Kicker VR
    SUB AMP: 250x2 Fosgate Punch
    **Soon to come... anything but those front Kenwoods, possibly Infinity Perfect Seperates

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