Ok, so I just bought this amp new from amazon for 260 shipped.

I have an Eclipse SW9122 sub that i just picked up today with a Stinger 1.0 Farad cap for $350.

I am putting this into my 2005 BMW 330i with the Harmon Kardon setup.

I've found out that my BMW Business radio sends I beleive a Balanced, un-amplified, yet speaker level signal to the amp. Where the it is filtered by a crossover and sent to the speakers.

My question is I see the M1000 says it has speaker level inputs, does that mean it can take an amplified signal POST-Amp? Or should it be the un-amplified signal after the HU and before the amp? I also ask because I basically want to know if it would be better to just buy a LOC.

I know I can just connect a LOC to the speaker wires before the amp and use that, but the only thing is I don't know what this alpine amp is capable of recieving for input on these, 'speaker level' inputs. Also, if it IS capable of taking this input either before or after the amp, what is the ohm load on the speaker level inputs? Would this strain my stock amp too much to send power to my alpine as well as my rear speakers as well?

I've just gotten done reading for several hours on bimmerforums.com and its all just a jumble by now! Any clarification regarding this amp or my situation is greatly appreciated. TIA.