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    Choose an Amp

    Say I hv 2 x 12" Rockford HX2 sub 500w rms each(dual 4ohm vc)

    But I'm thinking get a RF 1000.2 or two RF500.1

    cuz both r giving 500w rms 2ohms....but 500.1 this Mono amp is class BD...will it more suitable for subwoofer???

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    Why not look into the BD1000 it's 1000 watts into 2 ohms as well.. The 500.1 is only gonna be 500 into 1 & 2 ohms.


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    500.1 is 500w @2Ohms

    I use two 500.1 to power 2 x 12" it alright>?

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    get a quality class D amp

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    For that amount of power class D would be most practical.

    The rf class D's won't work well in your case b/c that amp wants a 2 ohm total load. With a pair of dual 4's you'll have either a 4 ohm or 1ohm load.

    The 1000.2 would be great b/c it is 500x2 at 2 ohms, or 1000x1 @ 4 ohms mono. Each of which can be attained with 2 dvc 4's. However you'd be drawing quite a bit more current than a comparable class D.

    The all too common jbl 1200.1 would be perfect, or for that matter any class d that's around 1000 rms at 1 ohm. There's a bunch.

    Yes audiolife, I'm matching impedances again (Oh No!!)

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