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    Hey Zane have a quick question

    Hey zane i had a question for you. My friend took the cover off the amp. (pioneer amp) He didnt touch anything insdie just looked at it. When he put the cover back on and hook it up. The subs just went up and down. Also made a popin sound. We even tried my he and did the samething. Do you have an ideal of what happen?

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    Providing there was nothing wrong to justify taking the cover off in the first place, one of the amplifiers case grounds may have been severd. Pioneer and a few other companys sometimes attach a ground wire from the circuit board directly to part of the case of the amp. This could have came loose when it was being disassembled.

    This could have caused a number of chain reactions leading to further problems occuring within the amp upon operation. So really, it could be a good number of things. The only sure way to find out and remedy this problem would be to take the amp in and have it bench tested for errors.

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