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    JBL 1200 or Memphis 1000

    Which amp would do 2 kicker L7'2 4 ohm(but wired at 2 ohms) ? If not those amps, give me a suggestion, I really need an amp that can handle these subs cause i dont wanna fry the amp.

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    i would go with the jbl 1200.1 if not then go with the mtx 81000.d those are to good amps, i have a mtx 81000 pushing a audiobahn 15 pressure sub thats 2000 watts rms and it pounds hard....the jbl is also just as good also u can wire ur subs to the mtx at 2 ohms and it will handle them

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    the jbl is also stable down to one ohm and puts out about 1384 watts

    HU: Pioneer Premier P-720
    Front: JVC 2 way 6.5" component system
    Rear: Kenwood KFC-1687
    Subs: (2) 2002 Kicker 15" L7's
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    (2) 1 farad Stinger Power Caps
    (2) 1 farad Monster Cable Monster Caps

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    JBL 1200.1 v Memphis 16-ST1000D

    My personal choice up until recently would have been the ST1000D. BUT...the thing with Kickers is that the harder you drive them, the better they sound. From a good, clean amp they can take almost twice their power all day long. Id go for MEMHIS's new class D amp - the MEMPHIS MOJO - stoopid name I know, but BIG power - 1x1200RMS@1ohm and 2400@2ohm.

    Only down size I suppose is the price. The mEmPhIs is probbaly more eXpensive. JBL have always made good products at a good price but when you come up against somebody like MeMpHiS, its a difficult decision.

    Memphis Mojo, all the way. My $0.02.

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