I'm about to buy 2 IDQ 10's, they are the dual 4 ohm models and I need an amp. The amp I currently have is 350 watts at 2 ohms, 200 at 4 ohms. I want an amp that will also power my front components. I am currently running my fronts off of hu power, so even a little power up front will be good enough. I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) that with these two subs I'll either need an amp that puts out pretty good power at either 4 or 1 ohms. I've read that wiring these two subs at 2 ohms isn't possible. So I want an amp that is either 1 ohm stable to give these subs some juice, or has enough power at 4 ohms to get the job done. I'd like to only have one amp to run the comps and subs, so I'm thinking a good four channel would be my best bet. Do you have any suggestions on an amp, or do you think I should just run two seperate amps for my subs and comps? Any advise would be great, Thanks.