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    static off my amp

    hey i have an mtx 152. 2 channel amp on my inners.... my question is when i turn my stereo on there is a static sound comes form my speakers... even at volume 0 the static is just as loud eventually the music gets loud enough to dround it out... but this static doesn't happen all the time... sometimes i'll turn the stereo on and there will be no static and other times it will be there.... also if i switch the amp to low pass the static goes away.. but thats just a fillter.... my 2 amps a grounded in the same spot... i have no idea what the problem is....

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    OK, basically I have no idea whats wrong, but a couple suggestions don't hurt.
    #1-speaker wire, I have heard crackles and static come from speakers with too small of wire hooked up to them, but only when there is music playing(power going though the wire).
    #2-RCA cords, if they are run too close to power wires they can pick up some static.
    #3-Ground, if the amps don't have a good ground they can pick up alternator noise(a staticky wineing noise)and cause your speakers to "pop" when you turn off your system.
    #4-Gain, If your input sensitivity(gain control) is set too high you will get a staticky hiss noise from your speakers( like the tape hiss a cassette deck would give).
    This is all I can think of right now, if I was you I would first look at the gain control because what you are describing sounds like it maybe because the amps sensitivity is set too high.
    I hope this helps a bit, write back to tell us all what you find.

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