I saw the top 5 best amps get flame so I figured I would try this another way. What are you top five favorite amps of all time and why? Can be SQ, build, power, interesting features, anything that made that amp stand out to you.

So here we go... My five favorite amps in no particular order are...

Kenwood PS400m- I had a few of these at different times when I was younger. Th oey were great power for the buck back in the day. Ran hard with no problems. Had Kenwoods sigma servo feature to keep distortion down. I can still find two of them in WI, one is a had built, but they want to much for what the amp is and it's not worth that much to relive my early days of car audio. Still a very cool amp.

Orion concept 97.3- How can you not like an amp the can do 2 x 512W @ 0.00390625 ohms Enough said on this amp

Zappco 9.0- One of the great 2-ch amps that is capable of putting a ton of power to some subs. Can be modded from Zappco for better power to ohm loads for competition. The external display box and controller are interesting pieces as well.

Focal dual monitor- It's annoyily huge to deal with for a full range amp, but the computer controlled tuning features make this amp a new favorite. Extremely clean sounding (as it should) nice build quality and again the tunability of this amp is amazing.

MMATS 3000.05, 3000.1, 3500.05 and 3500.1- I listed them all since they are minor revisions to the same amp. An excellent choice for Usaci competitions, lots of power, .5 ohm daily use. Very strong amps, good build and great support from MMATS.

Now there are others I could think of that could be on that list, but I would have to say that these were my top 5 amps. I've many amps that I've liked and will never forget, but these 5 stand out in my mind more than any of the others. So how about the rest of you?