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    Kenwood Amps Underrated?

    I've heard some amps like Rockford's, Kicker's
    and other major brands are underrated.

    What about Kenwood amps?

    Are they under or overrated?

    I own a Kenwood KAC-606 (150 W X 1 @ 4 OHMS)
    so I want to know if It can push at least the 150 W.


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    Has anybody heard about nippon american amps?

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    Give it 2 ohms and it should double the power output, for that you have to either get an identical sub that is 4 ohms assuming yours is 4 ohms and wire them in parallel meaning hook them to the same output terminals off of the amp like you would have with either of the subz on its own, that is ofcourse if you are using the amp for subz. On the issue of over and under rating, Kenwood is somewhere in the golden middle, ,if they say 50 watts they mean exactly 50 at whatever voltage they tested it, so take around 15 % off to get a better idea of what they are talking about since you are not going to continiously push the amp to its limits, it will just keep shutting off or you will go deaf whichever comes first,
    MTX seriously underrates their amps, by like 25 to 50 %, I have a kenwood and an mtx in my car and an mtx amp in my moms car, both cars bump, hope that helps

    Subz JL Audio 12W3s
    Sub Amp MTX Thunder 81000d
    HU Kenwood eXcelon KDC X717
    Front-Infinity Kappas 5.2
    Rear-Pioneer 6x8 3ways
    mids-highs amp Kenwood KAC 848

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