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Reload Thread: Hifonics amp to push around 1000 watts each to 2 12" kicker L7's?

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    Hifonics amp to push around 1000 watts each to 2 12" kicker L7's?

    more than likely i want the amp to be hifonics because it's fairly cheap and a good brand.

    The subs are both 2 ohm's each, and i want to run about 900 - 1000 watts to each sub.

    both subs are going into a ported box, pretty sure this will bang the heck out of my jeep seeing how the single L7 i have already does with the Hifonics bx1205d amp.

    thanks, let me know!!!

    and i'm not good with the Ohm thing, so help on that would be nice too.

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    Re: Hifonics amp to push around 1000 watts each to 2 12" kicker L7's?

    Hifonics has the Brutus 2607D (2800 watts @ 14.4 volts, my understanding is around 1900ish @ 12 volts with a 1 ohm load) which will be available soon.
    2600 watt rating.

    The new XXV Thor is also on its way which is around (3800 watts @ 14.4 and around 2800ish @ 12 volts @ 1ohm), again what I recall.
    3000 watt rating if I remember correctly.

    That 2.4 volt difference really slams things down.

    Real world will fall somewhere in between those ranges.

    I would shoot @ the 12.75 - 13.50 volt area depending on the voltage sag when really driving @ transients, etc.

    This was from (Mike S.) @ Hifonics who is on top of things.

    Ask for him if you go to the maxxsonics web site and snag their number. He is in tech support / new product.

    The Brutus line will do their rated power in a perfect world, but I would always discount the Brutus line output by around 20% of their rated power.

    The XXV line (Thor, etc.) will do more than their rated power in a properly matched electrical system.
    Even @ 12 volts they will hit very close to spec.

    They also are using a completely new board layout in the 2607D and the new XXV line has new software for the Class D chips, smaller, a much cleaner input stage and are made to be as dummy/abuse proof as possible....

    My .03
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