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Reload Thread: Confused on wiring 2 dvc JL subs to my mtx 6500d

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    Confused on wiring 2 dvc JL subs to my mtx 6500d

    i have a mtx 6500d amp and 2 12" JLaudio w3s rms 250
    i want to push that amount into them and with the 6500d i should be able to get that, if not a little more. I'm just confused about the wiring i have drawn a diagram here is this configuration right? the subs are 2 ohms each so if wired in series thats what the amp will see....i just wanna make sure everythings right before i go a head and hook them up....i dont need to have to return them after waiting almost 2 months to get it all hooked up.....all help is appreciated, thanks
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    Parallel DVC

    Is that amp 1 or 2 ohm stable? I am going to assume its 2 ohm stable for now and will make corrections if I am wrong.. You would start by wiring each sub in parallel so that you would have 1ohm for each sub if measured.. then run the two subs in series...( 1 wire from positive of one sub to negative of the other. then hook up the remaining 2 channels to the amp where they are supposed to go + to + and - to -...or you could wire each sub in series then parallel them to the amp.. comes out to a 2 ohm load.


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    i'd either go for all parallel for 1 ohm load or
    wire in series for 4 ohm load.

    I you run subs in series and parallel to amp you'll get
    a 4 ohm load.
    With those 2 subs, there is no way to get a 2 ohm load.

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    if you parallel to the amp, you "bridge" it and it "sees" half the load. so series the subs, gives you a 4 ohm load, now parallel to the amp, and it "sees" a 2 ohm load.

    that's how my truck is wired to get a 4 ohm load to my amp. i have dvc 4 ohm subs.

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