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    car amp in the house

    i have two 12 in subs that i use in my home stereo that are made for a car. i was wondering if i used a ac to dc power converter that converts down to 12 volts if it would power a small two channel amp. please email me at [email protected] please if you know the answer. thanks

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    I've expermented with this there are 2 ways to do it.

    1. Goto radio shack and buy a power inverter, you need at least 5 amps, these are expensive.

    Or you can do what I did. Go to a used computer/parts dealer and buy an AT computer power supply, Usually there is a stick on top that says how many volts each wire is. All you have to do is look at the end of one of the 4 pin molex connectors (little plastic thing with wires in it). Cut it off and look at the stick to find the 12v wire strip that and a ground wire. To hook it up to an amp just run the ground wire to the ground, and the 12v to the 12v, for the remote just run a 12v wire to it. Make sure to get an AT power supply because they operate with a button, ATX rely on the computer motherboard to turn it off so if you had one when ever you wanted to turn everything off you would have to unplug it... Hope that was helpful

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    i dunno if this would be cheaper but i paid around 40 dollars for a car battery charger and it worked great. all i did was connected the red wire to the power wire and the black wire the the ground wire. then i got the remote wire and put it into the power terminal.


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