Anyone running or has run Massive audio amps. Im about to put 2 p1500d's on 4 12's- L7's. I just did the BIG 3 with a yellowtop, and im going to put everything in on SAT. What do you guys think about this setup, also im swamp as to what I want for door speakers/ I have a KX800.4 for my mids and highs, My truck is a 97 Ford Explorer, and i have some Bull Sh*t Power Acoustics in my doors at this point. I figuer the KX800.4 is more than enough power for speakers, but i have no idea were to look as far as door speakers. I have put adapters in the front doors for 6.5's, so im ready for components. I have about 200.00 bucs i would consider spending on the front doors, but i did some research, and I saw soem setups that ran 400 or better, thats not for me. What do you guys think I can go with for the 200 bucs and that KX800.4. I dont want my bass to over powermy mids and highs. Im really going after this guy who is a flea market junky here in Miami, he has a 92 suburban with some off brand 15's (4). He is pushing a Hollywood labs amp 2000, but ampguts says the amp only dose 1400k max. I have to give it to him, you know when he is in the area, you **** sure here him befor you see him. Im hoping I have more power than he dose, but the quilty of mt setup is more inportant to me than the battle. So guys, my Explorer awaits what you guys think we should do here. Give me your inputs guys!! I look foward to reading your ideas!!