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Reload Thread: question about MTX 81000D / 1501D

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    question about MTX 81000D / 1501D

    i have a question about the "freq" knob... i assume this is the high-pass right? i cant figure out how to tune it... i mean i KNOW how to but i cant figure it out on this amp, i turn it up with music on till i like it and it hits the high bass pretty good but then i play some low tones and adjust it back but then the high's go away? (btw for high-bass im talking about 50-70 hz)

    if anyone knows the song "evergreen" by MC Chris, thats what im talking about, the bassline in that song is almost silent , but the low's are still loud as ****

    its just wierd because on the BX1500D the song "evergreen" would slam at the 50-65 hz range but on the 81000D now 35-45 really slams and nothing really beyond that ????

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    Re: question about MTX 81000D / 1501D

    DL or find a CD wit test a 70Hz tone, then adjust the crossover with that tone until you have enough disired bass at that tone, take into concern how distorted it is, youll have to sacrifice a little loudness for less distortion and vice cersa, but find a point where the highend bass sounds good and still has enough ummfff wihtout sounding liek garbage, THEN LEAVE IT, no touchy......

    also leave the bass boost al the way down, distortion rises signifigantly with that bassboost...

    get ur gains set and ur good to go....use a DMM and the correct math (squared voltage divided by ohms)

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