I own a 95 Ford Windstar and i have an equalizer/amplifier called Rampage by Audiovox
AMP-772 10-Band 80 Watt Graphic Equalizer/Amplifier and in about 2 weeks from now im getting a new cd player for the car and then im going to install an amp on top. I've got the wiring harness for the car that plugs directly and i want to know how to do this installation. You can also see the equalizer that i got
Here :: http://www.audiovox.com/manuals/owne...1284815_OM.pdf
I connected all the speaker wires and power wires including ground and i have a problem if i install my new cd player and do all the wiring my self and i want to know if on the wires of the cd player and the wiringharness they are going to get connected to each other and can i place the wires of the equalizer with the ones on the cd player and the wireharness

Tnx. Gee

Any info can be usefull !