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    ohm and bridging and crossover?

    hey i got a stupid question but im new to amps, what is ohm? i've heard about 2 channels at whatever ohm, and what is crossover and bridging mean? thanks for the help

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    Ohms is the measured resistance of wires and voice coils.
    Bridging is something you do one two or more channel amplifiers it takes two channels and makes one big channel.
    Say you have a 50x2 amp if you bridge it it would put out like 150 into one channel for a sub or a high powered component set.
    A crossover takes frequencies and divides them into high pass and low pass.. low pass would go to a subwoofer say 80-100hz and lower.. High pas will take speakers like 6 1/2s and smaller and give them frequencies like 100hz and higher. It is so that you dont give a tweeter 50 hz and blow it up and the same thing in reverse for a sub.. they don't usually like frequencies around 3000 tends to ruin them..

    Hope this helps.

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