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Reload Thread: Who can fix amplifiers?

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    Who can fix amplifiers?

    I have a Concept CC-1252L amp, and it's a decent amp for the price I got it for. I have a couple other concept amps, so I would like to keep with the same brand. It's about 500 watts, 2 channel, and it stopped working right one day, and every time I try to hook it up, the terminal sparks constantly (haven't held the wires on there for more than 3-4 secs and still does it. Wiring is correct (another amp replaced it and it was perfect, no speaker wiring changes, nothing) and in others cars, it does it as well. Not sure what the hell is wrong, but figured someone knew what to do, or could do it? Thanks!!

    BTW: I did not purchase it from Concept themselves, so they will not fix it.

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    Re: Who can fix amplifiers?

    I have 5 amps sitting in my garage in need of repair. I would be willing to trade someone who repairs amps. I don't really want much just rather not throw these away or go to the hassle of selling them individually. I could probably fix them, but time kills me. One is a pioneer premier and another is an alpine v12.



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    Re: Who can fix amplifiers?

    there are some places that are known only, there is very likely someone in you twon who could fix them (ask at a stereo shop) and the company will probably fix it for a price

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