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    JBL amps ?????????

    What is the power rating on a JBL 300.1 and the JBL 600.1? None of the sites I go to have peak power rating. One site said JBL doesn't rate the max power on thier amps. If this is true, what is the aprox. power on the amps. And also, what is a "gain control"?


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    the jbl amps are underrated by about 100 watts so 600.1 about 700-750 300.1 400-450

    JBL 1200.1 with Two type R 12's

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    a lot of people judge amps on there peak power!! and you shouldnt, the RMS is the only thing that matters, some people in the town that i live in have these big "BOSS" amps and they say that there 1200 watts, where in all actuality the acutal watts on them is only like 350, never go by peak watts, always go by rms. as long as u have good RMS power your good to go. jbl are good amps, the designers really stress there work on clarity, which gives them good clean sound. there nice amps, and they have the direct connect for 8g or 4g power and ground hook up, the gain on an amp is for like, ok, turn up your stereo, as loud as it goes without any distortion then adjust your gain on your amp to adjust the power to the speakers so they dont distort. although the gain control should never be used as a volume button, lol, i never run my amps over half way, otherwise you really stress them out.

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