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Reload Thread: Best box for Jl subs

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    Best box for Jl subs

    I have 2 12" w3 jl subs, what what type of box would be best for them.

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    the best box for w3s is small sealed about 1 cubic foot or something like that Jl says they will work in anything for storng low bass put them in a band pass just for fun I will bet you that it will rattle the fillings in your teeth out serious I had one 10w1 (the old ones) in a bandpass running of an old punch 75 and it was more that enough until my pocket book got bigger. just make sure if you do out them in a bandpass that it is built by someone that knows what the hell they are doing you could kill them if it is wrong go with the sealed. and if you dont have an amp yet I have heard that with a JL500/1 that the 12w3s just pound I qoute from reputible installer in phoenix "it is the magical combination"

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