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    multi-channel amp, recommendations

    my setup is polk ex3560 component 6'5" up front, JBL GTO 936 6x9 coaxils in the rear, an a hifonic brutus amp thats powering my 2 12's.

    im looking to invest into a 4-channel amp that will make the music out of my speakers sound super clean, crisp, loud, at any volume level given. i have the subs for the lows and my components are rated 50 fhz-xxxxx. there capable of 10-100rms watts per speaker and i would like to give it at least 50rms each.

    my budget is $150...but im mainly looking for an amp thats best bang for the buck.

    but here are few problems: im running 4ga power wire and a brutus bx1000d is comming its way. i want to keep the 4ga wire to save the hassle of running new wire and buying it. so i want to keep the 4ga and hopefully find a distro block that offers a "4ga in > 4ga + 8ga out. 8ga, being for the speaker amp. unless the speaker amp takes 4ga too, then im sure a T block will be fine.

    on top of that, im running an AGU 60amp fuse by the battery. i want to keep the agu fuse style holder. highest ive seen is an 80amp agu fuse. but i doubt there are 4-ch amps that use a single 30amp fuse?

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    Re: multi-channel amp, recommendations

    what i don't understand is why people think it's cheaper to half *** an install? just go to and get some 1/0 gauge wire. it is fairly cheap and will only cost you $20-30 at the most. then an anl fuse holder can be had for $10. now a very good amp would be the us acoustic 4065. does 65 watts rms x4 @ 4 ohms at 12.9 volts. it's underrated. very nice amp. can be had brand new from an authorized dealer for about $150

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    Re: multi-channel amp, recommendations

    Get a profile ap1040 it cost about $100 with shipping at nice clean loud sound.

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