Hello again guy. I try to search afew place about Symbilink at all. I am not clearly understand zapco.com website at all, it didnt really say Which one to go with which one or which cable. I have downloaded the pdf file and the files is also has corrupted due to the picture is unavialable.

So i would like to ask people who have experience and know exactly what i need for my setup.

I am going for Zapco Ref 360.4 (i will bridge it to 180RMS x 2 to run my front stage) driving Boston Pro6.5 splits.
So far i only running my RCA cables (male) from my Headunit (Alpine) for the zapco amp. now i decide to have a symbilink since good better.

so which symbilink unit or symbilink cable do i need for my 2channel split running from zapco 360.4