Sorry for the noob question, but I was wondering if anyone can expliain the Gain settings on my Kicker SX series amps.

There are two settings for Gain. One called Gain Range. I believe this is where I match my pre-amp outs to the amp so it has the proper input voltage.

The other is just called Gain. The manual says this is where I set my gain control.

I want to use the method in the Gain Setting Tutorial to get the most out of my amps. Should I be setting the Gain Range to the proper pre-out voltage (4) and then use the DMM to set the gain level on the Amp?

Any help would be appreciated, I'm just confused about wht there are two settings and if the Tutorial method will work properly for me.



BTW - This is on a SX1250.1 and a SX700.4