Has anyone had experience with the older lanzar optidrives? I heard they were made by zed audio, but am not sure. Here are the specs for the 160Q. I'm looking mainly for sq. Would you buy???

Model: OPTI 160Q Four Channel

Power at 12 Volts:
Four Channel RMS (peak) @ 4 OHMS/CH: 40W (70W)
Two Channel Bridged RMS (peak) @ 4 OHMS 160W x 2 (260W x 2)

Min to max voltage requirements 9 to 16 VDC
THD at Rated power 4 OHMS 0.01%
Frequency Respon 8Hz to 80KHZ +-/-1DB
Signal to noise ratio >103 DB
Damping factor >500 to 1 at 20hz
Slew Rate 40V/Micro sec
Idle Current Less than 2a
Input impendance 20k OHM
Input Sensitivity 200mV to 6V