Alright, well I have an Audiobahn amp, A6004T model. Well the stupid thing decided to blow on me. So I called up audiobahn to get the amp fixed. I told them I was still under warranty and they said they had no records of me to start off. So to get it fixed they told me I would have to send them another $75 so they could repair. I agreed to everything and sent them the Amplifier. This was all before Christmas. They said it would be at least a months time to get fixed. so over a month of not receiving anything, I decided to call just to check up on everything. So they told me that it was in processing getting fixed. They told me it would be another 2 weeks tops till I received my amp back. Another two weeks went by w/o receiving my amplifier. I called again asking what was going on, they said that they would be sending me the new '05 model that would be coming out. So I was cool, I'm okay with that. Not knowing that they weren't going to be receiving them for another month! I called back again in another two weeks asking once again where is my amplifier. They told me that I would be receiving it again in another two weeks! Oh gosh the lies!!!!! I'll let you guess what happened next! Yep another two weeks went by still no product at my front door. I called again, I left a message since they were probably sick of talking to me by now, asking them to call back. Waited two days, no return phone call. I called back, left another message no one answered once again asking them to call me back. Waited another week till there was still no product at my door. I called them demanding to ask to someone that was in a higher position then the person I have been dealing with. Finally 3 1/2 months later we came to a closing statement. They decided to send me the next model up to the A6004T. Now I'm just waiting to receive that!

Heads up, Audiobahn has the worst absolute worst customer service ever! I wouldn't of minded if they would have just told me from the start what the deal was. Yeah I would of been upset but I wouldn't have had to go through all of this! My recomendation, don't deal with them if you don't have too! But a different product!