Back in early 2004, I sent a broken PPI a1200 to KBAUDIO for repair. They are an online based amplifier repair shop. Their website can be found at
The amp was fixed properly, but Serge (the guy who runs the shop) stole my amp plug. He insisted that he ordered and shipped another one but that was all bs.
Also, when I recieved my amp, there was absolutely NO paperwork to go with it. NO INVOICE WHATSOEVER!!!

If you check their website, KBAUDIO gives one the impression that the shop has a small staff working around the clock churning out repaired and tested amps like Santa's little elves a week before Xmas (well that was my impression anyway!)

KB AUDIO insists that each repaired amp will be benchmarked and the tested specs will be enclosed with your amp upon return. NOT TRUE> I recieved nothing. I called Serge and asked him about this, he replied to the effect: " well my benchtesting device is down, so i had to use an alternate one, i think [email protected] per channel..)

However, if you call KBAUDIO, it appears more like a business run parttime out of this man's garage with his wife on phone support. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this type of operation. However, the guy isn't in when he says he is in, doesn't always return calls on time, and is very disorganized.

They fixed my amp for around 120 out the door shipped to/from and replaced several parts at no additional charge to me. The amp worked flawlessly and I was ultimately pleased with the repair. However, when I complimented Serge on the clean looking board he sorta flipped- "What! you opened the amp up!!!! I said, of course, I needed to see the repair for myself. Serge then went on to say that amplifiers must be carefully opened up and tightened with the screws tightened and loosened in a specific pattern....its complicated and hard to explain.. "Like tightening a 5 lug wheel by alternating in a star pattern?" I replied. Serge diffused a little then-"Oh yeah, like that."

So that was my experience with KB Audio. Serge did a good job on the repair. I would give it a 9.5 in terms of how cleaned up the board was compared to how it looked before. And of course, the amp was now working flawlessly... However in terms of business transaction, I would give him only a 4.9, as He didnt live up to the fine print of his guarantee and he stole my friggin plug (those things go for around $15 on ebay!!).

Ultimately, I would probably send another amp to Serge at KB. However, I wouldn't include any external plugs unless I had them padlocked to the amp! The price is more than reasonable and Serge does know his stuff(technically speaking).

So there you go. Thats my review of KBAUDIO's amplifier repair service based on 1 repair.