JL AUDIO 1000.1

Let’s say I’m not one to write a review off the bat as soon as I get a product. It has been about a full month since I got this amp in my ride. I prefer to test the amp overtime to provide an in depth critique, not comparison, of such an “high end” yet expensive product.

For basic specs go to the home website, as I’m here to provide just an general opinion on the amplifier.

Starts off 0/1 coming from yellow top
Connecting to 2 caps
Going to 2 distribution blocks
Turning into 4 gauge and connecting to the JL Audio 1000.1
The reverse is the same going from 4 gauges down to 0/1 then to ground

Consistency / Performance
Let me start off by telling everyone the temperature this amp has been played in
I’ve played the amp for over 8 hours straight at a constant “loud” volume and the amp performed fine. The amp was hot and the “high temperature” light came on the amp as a warning sign to turn down the volume. The status light was blinking a little when the sub was pounding. In the morning when it has been 20 degrees outside and you can pretty much touch the amp where it feels like a block of ice, it still does what it was made to do – play! The amp is consistent and does provide exceptional power at its appropriate ohm loads. The amp’s performance has satisfied my ever changing amplifier mind.

The amp is long and this would be what I would consider the downfall. The mounting options are limited. Other than that, the amount of power it produces stays current over time. The various status lights on the amplifier does provide the user with a warning status, if any, at a given time. The controls are user friendly and the owner’s manual both online and the actually printed version provides the user with general knowledge. I rate this amp at an 8.75 with the length of the amp being the only problem.

Money issue
This amp, although it’s not for the cheap, isn’t $1 a watt. It’s less than that, and users need to keep that in mind before they complain about what they’re paying for. To be the first in the market and have an amp that can produce its given watts at its full range of ohm levels, it’s worth the money. The power supply is an additional gift to users that may have electronic issues in cars. Finally, the 1000 watts is a well enough amount of power to drive 1-2 two sub depending on the brand. I personally can see JL setting the stage for all amps at one point of another with this technology of having amps playing at the various ohm levels. 10 years from now you’ll go into your favorite store and see many amps with this capability.

End result
If you have the money/space and it is what you need to run your setup correctly, get it. If you are not able to afford the amp then don’t buy it off ebay, just settle for something that is comparable or change your setup.

Warren = limitkid7 (aol.com)