Soundstream RUB300 amp:
i bought it on sale from for $130 shipped wich was a nice deal for a great sounding amp. i bought it for my shiva sub which i'll get to later. the amp sounded great and i had know problems with it, but it just wasn't powerful enough for my goals. if you want a pure SQ systom to play tight kick drums and deep bass guitar and sound good at it, than this would be a great amp for you. but i want an SQL systom and it just couldn't get enough watts to the sub (300wrms bringded at 4ohms). i now use them to power my component speakers which is what the amp is ment for, it's gives out a perfect amount of watts (75wrms at 4ohms x 2) for my speakers. i would rate this amp a 4 out of 5. lets just say it was much louder than my brother's sony 1000w amp .

Adire Audio Shiva:
this subwoofer is a great deal. it can handle 600wrms yet is just as efficiant at much lower power. it has great low end extension and is know to be one of the best SQ subs on the market. best yet, it's only $125! the only thing i found dissapointing on this sub was it's higher frequancy handling, it just was far worse that the low end. i had mine in a 2cuft box sealed, which is pretty big. i would give this an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.