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Reload Thread: LANZAR REVIEW ((Recomended ?

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    LANZAR REVIEW ((Recomended ?

    I am pissed ..... it didnt come in faster

    Anyhow , heres how it went my friends:

    I argued it out with the old lady about how much of my money she would let me spend LOL... I wear the pants ((but she cleans them)) .. So , I wanted somthing quality , reliable , and THUMPS :

    After doing a whole lot of research I chose a Lanzar Viberant 268 amplifier about
    a week ago after talking to many people in this forum. I found many people who
    were to stuck on how much they paid for their high quality equipment and would shooot down the choice of someone who doesnt care to competes choice.

    **We all like to brag about what we own for the work put into what we own is the human output of PRIDE**

    Bias as I am, if the equipment is ****, I make enough dough to buy another send this POS back to LANZAR and forget the company ... so before I discriminated on the amp I not only bought it, recieved it, but after hearing peoples wish wash talk . about lanzar.. kinda had a small grudge on this lanzar since its not the soundstream or Orion I was considering to buy before it at ((350$)) since I paid 156$ for the Lanzar amp... you get what you pay for .

    Amplifier Arrived on a tuesday. I got off of work and my wife presented me an almost 2 1/2ft box. My first thought was got-**** , I hope thats not the real size. I opened that box like a kids first christmas. It was night time, and I there I sat , 2000 watt max power amp @ 4ohms reading it immagining how its going to sound. As much As I liked how it looked, I was begining to dislike it.. from peoples opinions about lanzar in general.

    With no subwoofers yet, but a friend witha blazer and a pair of Digital design subs he recently bought were wired to low impedance for my amp. He did however have a pair of some type R's. We hooked them up sitting in the left over space of the blazer and then ran the lines to my amp ... He is running stock alternator... and 4 batteries in the back.

    The moment of truth .. We turned it on, and started small... his digital designs I dont like, because their so loud I cant standing sitting in the blazer... so now my turn with my amp . Not expecting much... I used a bass test cd .. at volume level 22 of 65 it was hitting thunderous ... pissing off the next door neighbor.. so we had to turn it off, cruised over couple blocks to my house. I was now excited.. I turned it up to 30 sat and jammed with a ear to ear smile.. OMG its hitting wonderfull... i cranked it to 50 and smoking my girlfriend marry I had to put the ***** down... it was a little to hard inhaling . .. i was wasting smoke. ((cigarette smoke of course )) nahh mean

    I turned it down to about 20 again .. wife walking out the house with a **** face mad at me, and was *****in at me to turn it down because of the kids. Then my friends like... dude, you got a bass boost slot. I fkng forgot it in the box, so I went and grabbed it... I knew she was gonna be mad, but Could not let the question be in my head what would it now sound like ??

    Ill end it like this... I REALLY got *****ed at, Some dude I didnt know couple blocks down came to my house asking what I was hitting with, and wanted to know if I could sell him some **** pretty cheap .. and wanted an amp like mine.

    I said yeah bro.... ill hook you up PHAT , I buy in bulk ((bullshitting)) .. Ill hook you up with this amp 325$ Ill take 160$ down and give you a reciept.. or ill let you have this one right now for 200$ in the box and you pay me the rest on friday.

    I just next day shipped my new amp, it arrived tommorow morning. It now being friday, Im almost 150$ richer than I was when I bought the first one


    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive abused the living *****k out of the amps bass boost.. so far... it hasnt really heated up at full power @ 4 ohms my friend now doesnt talk down on lanzar as much.. I will update this post each month on its status.


    Its ****ing huge . I actually called lanzar about the issue, and asked why is the amp so **** cheap as It hits so incredibly great. The person I spoke to uses a class D lanzar, and upfront told me. " Dude that ****in amps board is a nice top notch board, the R&D thought bigger and better and with the chassy would help disperse heat without needing a fan, It works great but the popularty was drastically dropped because the length and size of the amp. They were going to disco the line only for its size. They found it sold alott at a lower price and its been making money so the line will stay . The only con to the amp... will be the space it takes up.

    So 160$ gets you ONE POUNDING ****Ng AMP , It stays COOL while it runs this is due to the shell of the amps design. I was considering taking a dremel and running a fan and cooling system into the box but its not needed.. it hasnt really got hot the whole time ive ran it.

    This box isnt efficiant.. logically 2000watts at 4 ohms is not as efficiant as 2000watts at 2 ohm ... BUT ITS COST EFFICIANT ! so depending on how your going to use it... or your taste in BASS audio etc... YOU CHOSE YOUR EFFICIANCY CHOICE.

    PRO's Summary:

    I would recommend this amp to anyone. If your smart know the science of sound and audio you know yourself you can take something in-effciant efficiantly use your knowledge to make it more efficiant !

    **** GOOD AMP
    **** GOOD PRICE
    **** GOOD BASS
    **** GOOD features
    **** good item to over price and make some cash off of
    The amp cost me 20$ to bench test, at a 14.4v system it benched 903Watts RMS average .. My ohm meter showed closer to 1000 but I wont state it here.

    CONS Summary:

    ATTRACTS ALOT OF ATTENTION ((theifs)) and worse (( COPS )) :
    Not like a class D .. not as efficant:

    IF ANYONE IS CONSIDERING A LANZAR private message me, and let me know your questions: I tested this amp for only a day and we hammered it all day it is 2ohm stable @ 2ohms , I ran it bridged at 4ohms...

    Not a bad amp all around: The technology in this amp, is the same **** as the older lanzars with minor touch ups on efficiany and clarity

    ((from lanzar tech... but if you were selling somthing.. wouldnt you boast its nice features first as well ???))
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