I have now had this amp for about a full year. I can not bench test it or give a super review. I have had this amp installed on the back of my box hooked up to 2 12" Ks. I have had no problems as of yet with things shaking loose on it. To my ears it defenitly puts out the power it clams. It has a good number of adjustments you can make on it too. The thing that realy impressed me though was how tough this amp is. for quite some time my box was not secured down, and living in Wisconsin with deer u quite often go from 60-0. this amp took a beating. Never once did it stop playing. shows no signs of dents or bends either. amd for the lack of air to the amp it has only shut its self off once do to over heating, **** good scince I drive with it up for sometimes 2 hours straight.

Good amp, I would recomend. Can't tell u much about the company cause I have had no need to deal with them yet.(which is a good thing)