Review of Amplifier:

Power Precision PPI Phantom 900.4

I replaced a Class AB Boston Acoustics 4 channel amp with this PPI Class D full range amp for the purpose of giving my sub some extra power (rear channels bridged) without needing more space. I wanted to keep the same amp rack so I needed something with a small footprint. Below is a pic of the 2 amps together, showing the relative sizes:

The Class AB is about 500 watts and this PPI is 900, yet with a signficantly smaller size.

I had apprehension using Class D to power my front stage, but I have to say that the clarity and frequency response of this PPI amp is excellent. I can't say how it compares to the Boston amp since I made other changes to the install at the same time, but overall I'm very impressed.

The sub channels dialed up to 400 watts for my G3 sub easily and my 'scope shows it as being clean. Rated maximum is 450W bridged. I'm probably running 60 watts each to the front speakers, and the amp definitely has room for more.

This amp has sophisticated crossover adjustments, allowing for hipass or bandpass from 20 hz to 5khz which lets you use it for active mid/tweeter applications without an external crossover. Using it as a sub amp means bandpassing 20-80 or whatever. Because of the wide range that the crossovers cover, adjustment is a bit of a chore. The amp is small and the markings are not incremented, so you need to either guess at the setting trial and error, or use test tones and a meter to find the crossover setting you want. Not a big deal.

I paid about $220 for the amp back in November last year and just got around to installing it. I understand the price has dropped considerably now, which makes this amp a real bargain.

Highly recommended.