I recently purchased a new Mosconi One 120.4, this amp will be replacing the 2 amplifiers that I used at MECA World Finals. Those amps were The Polk PA330 for the tweeters, and the Polk PA660 for the mids. The equipment I am currently running is: Pinoneer 80prs, Audible Physics Arian mids, and Morel MDT-12 tweeters.

First off, I would like people to understand how small this amp is, 310x200x50 mm. It is incredibly small for the power it has 120 into 4 channels at 4 ohms. It also has a very clean case that is very attractive as well.

After replacing the amps, I decided to use my original settings just to get a feel for how it sounded in a drop-in scenario. It exceded my expectations by far! This amp has clarity that I personally have not heard before. Mind you I have used quite a few different high-end amplifiers (Adcom, Audioart, Audiosystem X-ion Series, etc.) I have two go-to tracks for vocals. The first one is Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men. The singer sounds so elegant and detailed, her voice is very well pronounced and the the switch in singing styles in the song was done seamlessly. The other is Barton hollow - The Civil Wars, This one is a more powerful track that truly has an emotional feel to it, and that is very well represented, I could listen to this track for hours on end and find something new every single time.

All and all, I cannot find a single flaw with this amplifier, except for the odd remote connection that requires an odd shaped terminal, but hey, if you get it working and plan on keeping it, then the one terminal it comes with should be enough.